Batch 06: Esmeralda

Brewed: July 1, 2015

OG: 1.089    FG: 1.018    IBU: 54    ABV: 9.4%

Esmeralda is named after our sheltie who passed in 2013. Part of the inspiration was to make a beer with both Scottish and Canadian influence. Brewed with Scottish ale yeast and maple syrup, this beer also uses a heavy dose of rye malt and plenty of earthy hops as well.

The Details (2.5 gallon batch):

1.75 kg   Maris Otter

0.50 kg   Rye malt

0.25 kg   Caramunich

0.10 kg   Chocolate malt

0.5 oz Fuggles @ 60 min

0.5 oz Cascade @ 40 min

0.25 oz Cascade @ 20 min

0.25 oz Cascade @ flameout

Mashed at 152F for 75 min, boil 90 min

Fermented with WYeast 1728 at 60F

0.68 kg maple syrup added at 12 hrs in


OG: 1.089   FG: 1.018   IBU: 54

Brewed:  July 1st, 2015

Bottled: July 25th, 2015

Tasting Notes:

[July 9, 2015]  First pull from primary. Smells of raisins and figs with booziness. A bit of the maple on the palate.

[Aug 8, 2015]  Very young after bottling. Slight maple on nose with booze soaked dark fruits. A bit of chocolate and caramel on the palate with bitterness and a bit of woodiness.

[Sep 2, 2015]  Taste is coming together better, but un-apologetically boozy at this point. Needs more time.

[Sept 24, 2015]  This bottle is less boozy. Turned out pretty well, a bit drier than I’d like actually. Higher mash temp in order.

[Nov 7, 2015]  Nose is a pretty alluring mix of maple, plum, and toffee. Certainly still booze-forward but has more to offer. Not sure I agree with previous comment about being too dry anymore – it’s about right in that regard. I do think it’s maybe a little too heavy on the rye and I’d like to see the maple flavour come through more.

[February 3, 2016] When cold, this is pretty nice. Solid caramel and dark fruit presence, more esters than it should have but they’re pleasant enough. Body is a tad thin but acceptable. As it warms though, there’s a harshness that I think must be fusels which aren’t going anywhere. Odd, as I thought I fermented reasonably cool (low 60’s if I recall correctly), but something was amiss.