Batch 76: Table d’Or

This is a re-brew of the Trappist-style single brewed about a year ago. It was successful and I haven’t changed the grist at all, but I am using a different yeast this time: WYeast’s 1214 Chimay strain.

84% Bohemian Pilsner (Weyermann) – 3.36 kg
8% Vienna malt (Weyermann) – 0.32 kg
4% Flaked wheat – 0.16 kg
4% Flaked oats – 0.16 kg

29 AAU of Boheime 7.6% AA at 60 minutes
4 AAU of CZ Saaz 2.9% AA at 5 minutes

4.5g of 88% lactic acid added to mash liquor

Added at boil:
3g CaCl
3.5g Gypsum
1.5g Epsom
0.6g table salt
2.5g chalk

WYeast 1214 Abbey yeast (Chimay strain) – no starter
(Thought I had Imperial on hand, hence no starter, whoops)