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Batch 80: Kombi III

Brew date: Dec 18, 2021

Now on my third iteration of this recipe, I’ve decided to go a little off-script based on the style guideline and increase the IBUs and the finishing hop intensity. Sort of an “American version” if you will. To ensure the balance isn’t totally wrong I went easy on the salts and biased towards malty when choosing water profile.

Batch information:

Brew system: Grainfather, with stovetop sparge water
Batch size: 20L (into the fermentor)
B.H. Efficiency: 70%

The grist is as follows:

3.60 kg – Bohemian Pilsner malt
0.45 kg – Munich II malt
0.13 kg – Caramunich II malt
0.13 kg – Victory malt
0.13 kg – Rye malt

For hopping, I went with:

40g – Tettnanger at 60 min (23 AAU)
20g – Tettnanger at 5 min (3 AAU)
20g – Loral at 5 min (6 AAU)

Fermentation is with Ardennes from Wyeast (3522) with a 1.5L stir plate starter.

Brew day Notes:

Pre-boil gravity 1.038, post-boil hit the target of 1.044. Added 3g CaCl, 2g gypsum, and 0.5g epsom mid boil. Didn’t acidify the mash this time (usually do 7-8g of 88% lactic acid), but wort cleared up nicely around the 45 minute mark. Mash was 16L, with a 10 minute rest at 131F, then 50 minutes at 149F, and 10 minutes at 160F. Sparged with 14L of 160F water.