Batch 69: Dreamreader

This iteration of Dreamreader is referred to as a ‘biere de garde’, but only in the loosest sense. It is a slightly malty (toasty malt, not caramel malt) ale that’s been co-fermented with saison and Kolsch strains; the majority of the cell count being Kolsch since the saison yeast is so expressive.

Brew date: April 4, 2020
Bottling date:

2.20 kg Bohemian Pilsner malt (Weyermann)
1.10 kg Vienna malt (Weyermann)
1.10 kg Munich II malt (Weyermann)
0.18 kg Flaked oats

30g Bohemie @ 60 min
25g CZ Saaz @ 5 min

~60B cells of Kolsch (WY2565)
~100B cells of Spooky Saison