Batch 07: Citra IPA (SMaSH)

My coworker / brew partner wanted to do a SMaSH IPA (single hop, single malt) as a straightforward brew that we could then substitute with in the future to gain experience with different hop and malt varieties. I was on board because science. Citra was an easy choice for both of us, and Maris Otter was the malt choice. I wasn’t sure that a full MO grain bill would work out, but this beer tasted excellent. No regrets.

The Details (5 gal batch):

6.50 kg    Maris Otter

Citra additions:

1.0 oz @ 20 min

1.0 oz @ 5 min

4.0 oz @ whirlpool (15 min, 200F)

4.0 oz dry hop for 4 days

Fermented with WYeast 1056 – American Ale @ 67F.

OG: 1.068    FG: 1.014    IBU: 70

Brewed: July 11, 2015

Bottled: July 29, 2015

Tasting Notes:

[Aug 6, 2015]  Juicy and lovely huge melon-forward citrus both on the nose and palate. Bit sweet. Not much bitterness.

[Aug 13, 2015]  Bitterness picking up, balance is good. Straightforward, bit of a one note beer but very enjoyable.

[Sep 5, 2015]  Starting to pick up a bit of grassiness and losing some steam, still enjoyable though