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Batch 58: Blaugies Doree

Brew Date: June 9, 2019
Bottled: July 7, 2019

Another iteration of my house saison, this time using WYeast’s WY3726 Blaugies strain, which I’ve used a few times but never in this recipe without brettanomyces. I’d like to use my latest and greatest clean saison recipe to showcase this yeast and see how it compares to the Fantome strain that I’ve been quite happy with lately.

Batch size: 19L (into fermentor)
Equipment: Grainfather
Pre-boil volume: 24L
Post-boil volume: 21L
Brew house efficiency: 72%

OG: 1.044
FG: 1.004
IBU: 32

Water Additions (~RO starting water):
3g CaCl
3g Gypsum
3g Epsom
2g baking soda
1g chalk

74% Bohemian Pilsener [2.96 kg]
12% Vienna malt [0.48 kg]
8% Flaked wheat [0.32 kg]
4% Munich II [0.16 kg]
2% Acid malt [0.08 kg]

Mash Details:
Dough in with 16L at 131F, hold 15 min
Raise to 145F, hold 45 min
Raise to 152F, hold 30 min
Raise to 161F, hold 15 min
Mash out at 170F, sparge with 14L of 165F water

Boil 120 minutes

21 AAU of Willamette @ 60 min [35g]
7 AAU of Motueka @ 15 min [14g]
40g Nelson Sauvin @ flame-out

Dry hop: 18g Nelson, 25g Citra

Fermentation: WYeast WY3726
Pitch at 78F
Raise to 80F at 48hr
Raise to 82F at 72hr
Raise to 84F at 96hr, hold 48hr
Let fall to ambient for 21 days

Bottled to 3.0 volumes; 152g dextrose for 18L bottling volume

Tasting Notes:
This beer turned out well, though the hopping is on the high end. The Blaugies yeast gets better after a couple months, and I’ve learned to give it plenty of time in primary to let the sulphur compounds dissipate.