Batch 05: Euka I

When I first decided to try homebrewing, there were two things I knew I wanted to get to as soon as I had a handle on things: an English barleywine and a funky saison. Five batches in and I was making the second happen.

Without the knowledge nor experience to cultivate a good ‘wild’ culture, I co-pitched WYeast’s powerful 3711 saison yeast along with a vial of White Lab’s 648, Brett Brux Trois Vrai. Check out that FG.

The Details:

3.00 kg   Pilsner malt

1.25 kg   Wheat malt

0.75 kg   Vienna malt

0.20 kg   Acid malt

0.5 oz Willamette + 0.5 oz Saaz @ 60 min

0.5 oz Willamette + 0.5 oz Saax @ 15 min

Mashed at 153F for 90 min, boiled 90 min  (Long mash due to bottling other beer)

Pitched both WY3711 and WLP648 together

OG: 1.045     FG: 1.000     IBU: 26

Brewed: June 21, 2015

Bottled: August 23, 2015

Tasting Notes:

[Sep 5, 2015]  Big fruitiness, apricot and white peaches. Subtle funk, bit of fruit skin character. Not yet fully carbonated.

[Sep 24, 2015]  Has developed more of a cider-like character, a lot of apple/pear skin. Not yet a lot of funk.

[Oct 8, 2015]  This is better than the last bottle. Orange stone fruit on the nose, gently spicy. Still plenty of apple/pear but more going on.