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Batch 40: Dorée Batch 2

Brew Date: Sept 10th, 2017
Bottling Date: Oct 12th, 2017 [Clean version]

This new batch of what I intend to be my ‘flagship’ saison recipe is mostly the same as the first batch, with the following changes:  floor malted Bohemian pils in place of Bohemian pils, Nelson fraction of hopping upped to 50%, Willamette addition dropped.  I am also using a different yeast this time – Omega’s Saisonstein strain graciously received from a friend.  I also increased the bitterness from the low 20’s to the low 30’s.

I brewed a bigger batch so that a fraction would be fermented with a mixed culture in the freshly emptied carboy that contained a brett-conditioned biere de garde. This mixed culture consists of Saisonstein, Upright Anniversary 2017 dreg culture, and Le Castor brett saison culture.

OG: 1.048
FG: 1.000
ABV: 6%
IBU: 33


10.5 lbs Bohemian Pilsner, floor malted [70%]
2.25 lbs Vienna malt [15%]
1.20 lbs Flaked wheat [8%]
0.75 lbs Dextrose [5%]
0.30 lbs Acidulated malt [2%]


0.75 oz Nelson @ 45 min
0.75 oz Motueka @ 45 min
0.25 oz Nelson @ 15 min
0.25 oz Motueka @ 15 min
1.50 oz Nelson @ Flame out
1.50 oz Motueka @ Flame out

Mash Schedule:

145F for 45 min
152F for 90 min (had company over)
170F for 15 min

Boiled 105 minutes

Water Additions:

6g Gypsum in mash water (5.5 gal)
2g Gypsum in sparge water (3.5 gal)


Clean half – bottled October 12th with 3.5 oz priming sugar in 0.7 gal water (total vol now 4 gal, 1.048 corrected OG).  FG was 1.000, so I get where the name ‘Saisonstein’s Monster’ comes from now!  I wish I had planned better and used a small dry hop but I did not. Next time.