Batch 04: PACMAN pale ale

Most people would guess that the name PACMAN comes from using WYeast’s pacman blend, but it doesn’t. I actually didn’t know about that yeast at the time. It stands for Pale Ale [with] Citra / Mosaic / Amarillo [hops], Northwest [ale yeast].  An APA at 50 IBU and around 5.5% with a hop blend based on my favourites.

The details:

75%    Thomas Fawcett Golden Promise

20%    Vienna malt

5%     Carapils

1.0 oz mosaic @ 30 min

1.0 oz mosaic, 1.0 oz citra, 0.5 oz amarillo @ 5 min

2.0 oz mosaic @ flameout

Mashed at 153F for 60 min, boil 60 min

WYeast 1332 – Northwest Ale at 67F

Dry-hopped 9 days with 2 oz mosaic, 1 oz citra, 0.5 oz amarillo

OG: 1.050    FG: 1.012   IBU: 50


Brewed: May 24, 2015

Bottled: June 21, 2015

Tasting Notes:

This was drinking very nicely from 2 – 5 weeks in bottle, then started to develop a grassy character. Could have used more late-addition hops or a longer whirlpool. Bitterness picked up over the first few weeks. Attributing much of the quick downfall to poor filtration methods resulting in too much hop sediment making it into bottles. This grassiness tended to disappear at the 6 week mark, but the hop character overall was also starting to fade at this point. Last bottle was drank around 9 weeks in-bottle. Did not last long, I blame summer!