Batch 67: Slush Fund IPA

Brew Date: January 18, 2020

Slush Fund is a ‘freezer cleaner’ beer with the intention of using up some excessive hop inventory, particularly IPA-friendly new world varieties that I don’t use often in the saisons and Belgian ales I’m typically brewing. The name comes from today’s weather – the first warm day after some big dumps of snow.

Brewing equipment: Grainfather
Batch size: 20L

Mash Schedule:
131F for 15 minutes
152F for 75 minutes
167F for 10 minutes

Boil 90 minutes

Water additions (mash water):
5.0g CaCl
2.0g gypsum
5.2g 88% lactic acid

3.00 kg Weyermann Pilsner
2.00 kg Golden Promise
1.00 kg Flaked oats

20g Apollo @ 60 min
7g Apollo, 15g Amarillo @ 15 min

Whirlpool @ 180F: 80g Mosaic, 40g Citra

Escarpment Labs Voss kveik
Fermented ambient beside heater