Batch 64: Sacred Place

Sacred Place is the second of three core beers in my dream brewery, following Quiet Light. It has more malt complexity and less hop prominence than Quiet Light, and I’d call it a farmhouse (style) pale ale. It’s fermented with the same house primary strain, and bottle conditioning strain.

Brew date: December 13, 2019
Bottling date: TBD

OG: 1.044
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 31

2.80 kg Vienna malt (70%)
0.60 kg Malted rye (15%)
0.60 kg Flaked wheat (15%)

6g CaCl
4g gypsum
3g epsom
2g baking soda
1g chalk
5g 88% Lactic Acid

Mash Schedule:
55C for 15 min
65C for 70 min
75C for 10 min

Boil 120 minutes

30g Boheme (6% AA) @ 60 min
30g Loral (10% AA) @ 5 min

Spooky Saison (gen 1) approx 150B cells
Temp 78F starting, up to 82F at 48h

Brew Day Notes: Prepared the full volume (30L) with salts in the GF, and pumped off 14L once warmed into my sparge pot. Checked pH after 10 min and was surprised to find it at 5.90. Might be my meter calibration, but added a further 6g lactic acid to get it down to a measured 5.30.