Batch 61: Fleur de Lune

With the success of my first rosemary sage beer, I decided I would like to make it an autumn seasonal beer going forward. I believe both my grist composition and my choice of yeast strain will be superior to my original batch.

I would like to say that the base beer for this batch is my amber saison house recipe, but in reality, I haven’t yet landed on what that is. My golden saison base is well established, but I’ve found that nailing down an amber saison base is notably more challenging.

That said, I landed on this as a grist, and hope that it steers me towards landing on a dependable house recipe.


OG: 1.045
FG: 1.002
IBU: 28


2.25 kg Pilsner (Weyermann) [52.1%]
0.72 kg Vienna (Weyermann) [16.7%]
0.72 kg Munich II (Weyermann) [16.7%]
0.27 kg Flaked rye [6.3%]
0.18 kg Flaked wheat [4.2%]
0.18 kg Caramunich [4.2%]

Hopping Schedule:
25g Bohemia (8%) @ 60m
10g Bohemia (8%) @ 15m
25g Willamette (5%) @ 5m

(3) 6″ Rosemary sprigs added to mash
(6) small sage leaves added at 5m

Water Additions (YVR base water):
6g gypsum
4g CaCl
2g epsom

Spooky Saison (gen 3) @ 80F to start, raised to 84F @ 24h