Batch 56: Old Lanes v2

A small departure from the original batch, this version of Old Lanes is a wheat-based saison, which would bear the term “Farmhouse wheat ale” on its imaginary label. This would be one of four regular offerings in my hypothetical brewery, and is intended to have moderate bitterness and hop character that blends noble and citrus flavours, and is fermented with the house saison yeast. Currently, that house yeast is Escarpment Labs’ spooky saison.

Since this recipe is light on the grain weight and I had a freshly emptied 3 gallon carboy, I brewed a 30L batch so I can do a clean version as envisioned, plus a brett-aged “Reserve” portion.

Brew date: April 15, 2019
Batch size: 30L (1.5x regular batch)
Equipment: Grainfather

OG 1.033
FG 1.001
IBUs: 28
ABV: 4.2%

Water Profile:
Ca 60 ppm
Mg 11 ppm
Na 20 ppm
SO4 100 ppm
Cl 40 ppm
HCO3 60 ppm

(1.5g Chalk, 2.5g baking soda, 4g gypsum, 4g CaCl, 4g epsom)

Mash Profile:
131F mash-in for 15 min
149F rest for 45 min
153F rest for 20 min
161F rest for 15 min
170F mash out + sparge

16.5L mash water with 2/3 of salts + 3mL 88% lactic acid
12L sparge water with 1/3 salts, no lactic acid
10L top-up water (boiled) added just before chilling


40% Bohemian Pilsner (1.80 kg)
40% malted wheat (1.80 kg)
20% flaked wheat (0.90 kg)
100g rice hulls added for lautering aid

45g German Tradition (6% AA) 60 min
35g Mittelfruh (4.5% AA) 5 min

20g Mittelfruh – dry hop 5 days
20g Citra – dry hop 5 days


20L clean portion:
Escarpment Spooky Saison (2nd gen)
80F first 48h, ramp to 84F for 48h

10L mixed fermentation portion:
Omega Jovaru lithuanian yeast (2nd gen)
Room temperature fermentation (~70F)

Bottled clean portion May 3, 2019 at 1.002: