Batch 60: Table d’Or

This is my first iteration of a Trappist single, using BJCP 26A as a guide. In addition to that characteristic Trappist yeast character, this should be a light-bodied and low-strength beer that exhibits pretty high bitterness and floral-spicy hop aroma and flavour. I am trying Weyermann’s Abbey malt for the first time. Based on its colour, I assume I should use a light hand with it, at least as I get to know it.

Target OG: 1.044
Target FG: 1.006
Target IBU: 38

Mash: TBD
Boil: 90 minutes

Water Profile: TBD


86% Weyermann Bohemian Pilsener malt
6% Weyermann Abbey malt
4% Flaked wheat
4% Flaked oats


33 AAU German Tradition at 60 min (50g)
4 AAU CZ Saaz at 5 min (35g)


White Labs WLP500