Batch 49: Saison Lune

Brew date: December 29, 2018
Bottling date: January 13, 2019

This iteration of Saison Lune, my ongoing malt-balanced house saison recipe, uses an even blend of three base malts and Omega’s Jovaru lithuanian farmhouse ale yeast. The base malts are accented by some flaked wheat in an effort to balance the sweetness of the Munich. Hopping is restrained in order to keep the balance towards the malts, with a nod towards bière de garde.

OG: 1.041
FG: 1.006
IBU: 27
ABV: 4.6%

Brewed on the Grainfather, 20L batch

Water Adjustments:
4g Gypsum, 4g Calcium Chloride

Mash Schedule:

Mash in 131F with 15L, hold 15 min
144F for 25 minutes
148F for 10 minutes
151F for 5 minutes
161F for 30 minutes
170F for 10 minutes

Sparge with 13.5L of 170F water


30% Bohemian Pilsner (Weyermann) [1.10 kg]
30% Vienna malt (Weyermann) [1.10 kg]
30% Munich I malt (Weyermann) [1.10 kg]
10% Flaked wheat [0.37 kg]


23 AAU Tettnanger at 60 minutes [45g]
5 AAU Hallertau at 5 minutes [20g]


Omega Yeast – Jovaru Lithuanian farmhouse ale
Primary fermented at 90F for 72 hours; let free fall to 68F ambient for about 2 weeks.

Bottled with 3.0 vols of CO2 (134g table sugar)

Brewday Notes:

Activity kicked in within 6 hours! 1.007 after 10 days, still murky and tasted very doughy. After another 6 days it had dropped pretty clear and the taste was much better. Lots of white peach and a nice gentle peppery spice.

Tasting Notes:

[Feb 8 2019] Now that carbonation is where it should be, the perceived sweetness has diminished and it’s much more saison-like. A bright, and unique ester profile with a mix of citrus and apple. The malt backbone is strong thanks to all that vienna and munich. Quite nice, and full bodied and flavourful for 4.5%!