Batch 16: Floret (pilot batches)

Brewed:  Jan 10, 2016

OG:  1.076   FG: 1.006   IBU: 15    ABV: 9.0%

This brew day occured because Aimée, my girlfriend, came with me to the homebrew shop for some unrelated ingredients. After her review of the spices available at the shop, we decided to brew up two 1-gallon experiments (exbeeriments) of a simple saison with herb additions.

The boil was split to two pots at 30 minutes left, and at 10 minutes each pot got its own herb additions:  One received 0.50 oz of rose hips and 0.50 oz of pink peppercorns, the other received 1.00 oz of elderberries and 0.2 oz of willamette. These smaller volumes made the ice bath in the sink a lot more efficient, and with gentle stirring the wort was cooled in about 10 minutes to 75F.

Since the grain was purchased with a 2.5 gallon batch in mind but we only brewed about 1.7 gallons, gravity is quite a bit higher than our initial intent. Considering watering down at bottling with the corn sugar addition.


80%    German pilsner malt

10%     Flaked wheat

10%     Malted wheat

Hopped to 15 IBU with Willamette

WYeast 3711 – French saison



Infuision mash (BIAB), 150F for 90 minutes, 170F for 10 minutes

Boiled 90 minutes

Fermented at 72F for 21 days


Tasting Notes:

Jan 30, 2016 – Bottling day. Elderberry version is tasting pretty nice, smells a bit green still but flavour is apricot, berries, and grainy malt. Rose hip & pink peppercorn version is very peppery, not unpleasantly so but hoping it will tone down with some conditioning time.