Batch 01: Pappy Saison

Here it is, the first batch of homebrew I made. Started all-grain with a simple saison recipe as per below. The name Pappy Saison came from the fact my very elderly cat passed away the day before brew day.

I brewed this with a friend/coworker who had a bunch of equipment from his brother’s wine making project. Turns out the pot which we thought was 7.5 gallon was only 5 gallon. So we ended up having to make a smaller volume of higher gravity wort and then diluting it with boiled and cooled water.


10 lbs    Pilsner malt

2 lbs    Wheat malt

0.5 lbs   Honey (cheap stuff)

1.25 oz Azacca @ 15 min

1.25 oz Azacca @ 5 min

2 oz Azacca dry hop

WYeast 3711 – French Saison

Mash @ 154F for 60 minutes, boil for 90 minutes

OG: 1.055 (after dilution)   IBU: 30

Fermented at 67F for 2 weeks


Brewed:  March 29, 2015

Bottled: April 12, 2015

I learned many things from this brew, as one usually does during their inaugural brew day. I learned that leaf hops loose in the boil is a major pain in the ass to deal with. I learned that expecting 70% efficiency as a noob using BIAB was not a good idea. But, to my great joy, the beer tasted like beer. It was actually getting better and better but because I was overly excited to share my first homebrew with friends, and because our lower efficiency led to a lot less beer, I drank my last bottle at 3 months in bottle. It was the best one of the bunch, too.