Batch 55: Alpaca

This year I’m re-branding Alpaca from a pale ale to a British golden ale, as I’m simply better set up for success on that style versus the more hazy, hoppy version it’s been in the past. Targeting around 4.5% ABV with a malt profile that is very light and subtle, yet offers crackery crispness along with a touch of English character. I hope to achieve this with a blend of continental Pilsner malt and Golden Promise. A small amount of flaked wheat should help with crisp character and hopefully keep the body from being completely thin.

For bittering, I’m sticking with a trustworthy English hop, but for flavour and aroma I’m going with Citra and a touch of Simcoe to emphasize the new-world, citrus hop character popular with the style. It doesn’t hurt that this is also my favourite hop in such a beer as well.

OG: 1.042
IBU: 36

Batch Specifics:
75 minute boil
26.5L pre-boil target
24L post-boil target
21L into the fermentor

Mash volume 16.0L
Sparge volume 12.9L

Mash Profile:
Dough in 15 min at 131F
Raise to 150F for 75 min
Mash out 170F for 5 min

Water Additions: [Target profile: Bru’N pale ale]
4g baking soda
12g gypsum
3g calcium chloride
4g epsom

Boil 75 minutes

60% Golden Promise
35% Bohemian pilsner
5% Flaked wheat

26 AAU of Nugget at 60 min [14g]
20g Citra @ 5 min [7 AAU]
5g Simcoe @ 5 min [3.5 AAU]
20g Citra @ whirlpool
5g Simcoe @ whirlpool

0.5 tablet whirlfloc @ 15 min
0.5 tsp yeast nutrient @ 15 min

Dry hop (5 days) – 30g Citra, 10g Simcoe

Fermentation: Imperial A01 House
Hold at 65F for 72 hrs
Raise 1F per day to 68F, hold 48 hrs
Let settle to ambient after that