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Batch 22: Bresse & Byre II

Brewed:  May 7, 2016

This beer was brewed to use the washed Wallonian farmhouse yeast I had saved from B&B #1, which initially I had intended to recycle into a Belgian pale ale. However, my current priority is to refine this recipe into the best low-ABV, traditionally-inspired saison I can brew.  In this process I am trying out a few different avenues I could take, with this batch being rye.

I followed a similar mash schedule as on the first batch, 45 minutes at 145F and 45 minutes at 152F. Of course the aim here is a low FG and light body. I switched up the hops based on what I had available (which was less than I expected), but will return to a Willamette / Strisselspalt combination for the next batch.

Grist was as follows:

6 lbs    Bohemian Pilsner malt

0.5 lbs    Rye malt

0.5 lbs    Munich malt

0.5 lbs    Flaked rye

0.5 lbs    Flaked oats

0.25 lbs     Corn sugar


It was hopped with 1 oz Fuggles at 60 minutes and 1 oz Tettnanger at 20 minutes. The boil was 90 minutes. Overall a smooth brew day though my lack of experience on the new Grainfather system contributed to being under-volume and over-gravity – something I may repair with dilution at bottling.  OG was 1.055.  FG was 1.003.

Fermentation was extremely healthy despite my having pitched the washed yeast without a starter and after 6 weeks in the fridge. Activity began at around 6 hours and regular bubbling continued until day 4 or 5.

Tasting Notes

June 19/2016 – Still a bit yeasty in flavour but a nice citrusy brightness to it. Drinks well. Will look forward to over the next couple months.