Batch 46: Saison Dorée / Dorée Reserve

Brew Date:  September 30, 2018

Another iteration of my “house golden saison” with only minor tweaks to the recipe but two new yeast blends. This batch is being split between the 7-gal Brew Bucket and a 3-gal glass carboy.  The former will receive Bootleg Biology’s “Mad Fermentationist” blend by Michael Tonsmere, while the latter will receive WYeast 3726 saison yeast and a pack of Bootleg’s “Funk Weapon 3”. So this time, neither half will be a ‘clean’ beer.

Grain bill and mash / boil details remain the same as the previous few batches, but the flameout hops are updated from Nelson Sauvin to Hallertau Blanc for this batch. Future batches will likely go back to Nelson.

Details below for a 8.2 gallon batch:

70% Bohemian Pilsner (4.20 kg)
15% Vienna malt (0.90 kg)
8% Flaked wheat (0.48 kg)
5% Table sugar (0.30 kg)
2% Acid malt (0.12 kg)

100 ppm Ca, 130 ppm SO4, 75 ppm Cl (7.5g Gypsum, 5g CaCl)

Mash 145F for 45 mins
Mash 152F for 45 mins
Mash 170F for 10 mins

Mash volume 4.2 gallons
Sparge volume 4.0 gallons
Top-up water approx. 2 gallons

Boil 120 minutes

65g Willamette (3.2% AA) at 60 mins
22g Motueka (unknown AA) at 20 mins
28g Hallertau Blanc (8.8% AA) at 0 mins

Chill to 72F

2.6 gallons collected in glass carboy, innoculated with WY3726 + BB Funk Weapon 3
4.1 gallons collected in brew bucket, innoculated with BB Mad Fermentationist blend + BB Funk Weapon 3.

Both received ~ 15 seconds pure O2 before yeast pitch.

The 4.1 gallon portion with Mad Fermentationist was bottled on November 18 2018 and had a great pellicle already as shown below. FG was down to 1.004 at this time and 94g of table sugar was used to prime it to 2.7 volumes – intentionally on the lowish side, in case it continues to attenuate a couple more points.